December 27, 2009

SO LONG, IT'S BEEN GOOD TO KNOW YA Posted by Sheila Connolly and Sarah Atwell--for the last time As of the end of this week, Writers Plot is disbanding. It was a shared decision: we've moved in different directions with our writing careers, and this blog format just wasn't working for everyone any more. When we began WP, the blogosphere was a lot younger, and we've watched as it has grown and prospered. It's been terrific to get to know so many fellow blog-writers and share stories and skills with them. I know writing a weekly blog has helped me learn to write short (always a struggle, since I tend to fall in love with my words) and to the point. Sometimes it felt like writing an editorial, when I had a point I wanted to make; sometimes it was more like writing an entry in a diary, as I and my blogbuddies talked about personal experiences, past and present. I've written one hundred and thirty seven posts since March 2007–I had to go back and count. It has also been a joy working with Writers Plot's diverse and talented authors. We've expressed different viewpoints and styles, but always with an underlying honesty. We've tried to entertain and communicate at the same time, and I hope we've been successful. But don't worry–I'm not going to disappear. With three books to write in 2010, and three other books to promote, and conferences across the country, and helping to manage New England Crime Bake, I'll be very, very busy. Thank you all for stopping by Writers Plot over the past three years, and for sharing your comments with us.

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