March 07, 2009

What's the Big Deal About The Bachelor? posted by Leann Sweeney As I have mentioned in the past, I love reality TV for a variety of reasons, some of those reasons related to my writing. The Bachelor is one of those shows I've watched since the first season. When I want to create cads or bitches, all I need to do is watch that show for inspiration. Maybe that's why, when Bachelor Jason picked one girl, dumped her on prime time TV and immediately hooked up with the first runner up, I was neither stunned nor upset. See, reality TV merely calls itself that. Most of what is offered up is as much fantasy as any television program with a script. We want stories, we want to escape, we want distraction. Who wants boring? I have enough of that in my own life. But people have their panties in a wad about this Bachelor development. He's a bastard, he's a jerk, he's disgusting--or so I've heard. I don't even believe the nightly news anymore, so why should I believe that Bachelor Jason is any of those awful things? And why should it matter so much to people that they have flooded message boards and spread their opinions anywhere and everywhere on the Internet about something that happens all the time? Guy meets girl, guy loves girl, guy proposes, guy changes his mind and they go their separate ways. You could substitute "girl" for "guy" and it would be equally true. The difference that has been offered up is that this "break-up" was so "public." He dumped her in front of millions. Horror of horrors, how could he? My guess? He was told by the TV show's lawyers that he must do it that way or he'd be in more of a pickle than being in a love triangle. It was all in the contract. And that's the chance everyone involved in that program or any other reality show takes when they sign on: possible public humiliation. I mean, have you ever watched Hell's Kitchen? So the viewers have put Jason in the stocks in their own version of the town square--the Internet and talk shows. Personally I'd prefer the stocks over Hell's Kitchen, but that's another story. And that's really what this all comes down to. It's a story, folks. And I write mine with plenty of twists so maybe that's why I kind of liked all the messiness of this season's Bachelor. And just when we thought we had a broken-hearted beautiful princess trapped in a tower, the spurned damsel shows up on yes, a talk show, and says she's happy as a clam and has a new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jason and his flavor of the week will be all over the place and then fade into obscurity. Heck, I can't remember who the bachelors of past seasons were. And if you don't agree with me--which is certainly fine--and want to continue to be "disappointed" and "saddened by what the Bachelor did, I have a suggestion. When the next season starts, turn down ABC's offer of a rose and you won't have to be subjected to yet another most dramatic Bachelor season ever.

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